• STO Supports Your Financing

    We support the implementation of a customized STO for your company

  • About Us

    Gifted STO includes an STO platform, consulting, and smart contract development.

    Gifted STO is an innovative, high-tech company aiming to provide safe and convenient STO solutions.

    We propose an STO solution suitable for your business and support the client’s STO launch with our dedicated professional support team.

  • Our Products

    Joint exchange establishment

    Great team

    Designed according to related laws and regulations

    Security and reliability



  • Our Services

    Technical Services

    Creating a token requires difficult procedures. We can provide turnkey creation of your particular

    token with crypto assets in your company.

    Marketing Solutions

    We can propose and execute various digital promotions for your STO success, with members

    who have succeeded in various ICOs and STOs.

    Legal Support

    We analyze the characteristics of your STO and compare necessary legislation with existing laws.

    We also have expert knowledge for dealing with potential external threats.

    Strategic Development

    We will help you create the best white paper for customers based on previous successes.

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    We will reply within 3 business days.